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Return of the Voenkor: The Military as a New Opinion Leader in Russia?

The Russian military has been dramatically impacted by the war. Not only has it had to confront the logistical and manpower challenges of the battlefield, but it has also been compelled to reassess its ideological relationship to the regime. In the Russian tradition, the military is loyal to the political elites and does not position itself as an alternative pole of legitimacy. This does not mean, however, that relations between civilian and military elites have always been harmonious.


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Ukraine War Day #173: How Somalia Conquered Peski

Yesterday we learned about the fall of Peski to Russian Allied forces. A lot of the heavy lifting was done by the legendary Somali Battalion of the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR), aka the “First Separate Tank Battalion Somalia”, founded by the one and only Givi. Who picked the name, because he was impressed with the bravery of the Somalian people. Givi has been dead for a long time, but one likes to think that his ghost was hovering over the town of Peski on the day it was liberated. Not gloating, just relieved that this hard part was over, and maybe the people of his beloved Donetsk can sleep better tonight, without so much shelling.