3 mins read

Blinken in Kiev: ‘I’m Satan to Them”

Two thousand years ago, the reviled Roman Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned.


5 mins read

Blinken rocks out on a road to nowhere

The Secretary of State delivered remarks to Ukraine this week that paint a rosy scenario defying reality


6 mins read

The Rules of Blinken the Diplomat

Putting aside all the verbiage about a new “rules-based” world order, the essence of current US policy is to maintain its elusive hegemony and the right to overthrow governments or impose sanctions on countries that refuse to submit to that hegemony.


10 mins read

Patrick Lawrence: The Impotence of Antony Blinken

With the U.S. unable to compete in the EV market and desperate in Ukraine, the Secretary of State traveled to China to talk at Beijing for his domestic audience.