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Worthy & Unworthy Victims: Navalny & Lira

While Alexey Navalny’s death commanded 24-hour news coverage, Gonzalo Lira’s death in Ukraine was virtually ignored. Alan MacLeod on why one death apparently mattered so much more to U.S. corporate media.


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The Tragic Death of a Traitor

Part One: Origins


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Death of Navalny Being Exploited to Try and Sustain U.S. Military Aid to Ukraine

Media comparisons of Navalny to Nelson Mandela are totally off-base


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European Requiem for the Russian Opposition

The growing pressure on Russia from Europe every day does not lead to support for street protests and a wave of discontent among Russians, as well as to mass opposition demonstrations, no matter how much we would like to. Sanctions, support for the street opposition, and public threats against Moscow are having the opposite effect: the Washington-fueled protest`s have completely failed, Russian society has become even more united, and the so-called protest leaders have been completely discredited. How did it happen and where is the path to establishing partnership?


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German Doctor Treating Alexei Navalny Makes New Disclosures

By John Helmer and Liane Theuerkauf via Philipp Jacoby, the only German doctor treating Alexei Navalny for alleged poisoning to have testified publicly, has given a new press interview to alter the interpretation of the evidence he gave last week. […]