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A Symposium on Tucker Carlson’s Controversial Interview With Vladimir Putin

Our writers weigh in…


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What Has the Putin Interview Achieved?  

Vladimir Putin’s challenge was to tell Americans through Tucker Carlson a complicated and unfamiliar narrative of how dearly Ukrainians and Russians are paying for Putin’s initial naïve trust in the West, writes Tony Kevin.


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Putin is on a major high as his enemies attack each other and freak out about Tucker Carlson

Russian President Vladimir Putin is in a stronger position than he’s been for months. From Ukraine to the US, events are going Putin’s way. Analysts believe Putin has been waiting for Western support for Ukraine to falter — and now it has.


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“In The War Of Propaganda, It Is Very Difficult To Defeat The United States”

The US empire has by far the most sophisticated and effective propaganda machine ever to have existed, operating with such complexity that most people don’t even know it exists.


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Putin’s 15 Major Points in Tucker Carlson Interview

The following are my ‘takeaways’ from listening closely to the Tucker Carlson-Putin Interview of this past week. A number of revelations came out of the interview (e.g. repeated role of France, Germany, UK and CIA scuttling a resolution to the conflict) as well as Putin’s deep commitment to continue until Ukraine is no longer a threat to Russia. One comes away from listening to the interview that Putin feels he has been ‘had’ by the US/EU so often he no longer trusts its politicians and doesn’t believe US presidents have the power to decide; he, and Russians in general, have a deep belief that Russia and Ukraine (and Belarus) are ‘one people’ who have been divided by invaders in the past but always re-united again; and that he’s ready to negotiate but Zelensky and US/NATO have ruled it out and would have to initiate it. Finally, US sanctions have failed, the world is changing fast, and many countries have developed to the point they no longer do whatever the US wants and are demanding more independence.


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Russia Hawks Missed the Point of Tucker’s Putin Interview

Foreign policy, and politics generally, is not primarily about good feelings.


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On President Putin’s Interview with Tucker Carlson…

Something somewhat historical happened just two days ago, though it is unclear how many Americans will understand its significance…


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Fyodor Lukyanov: Here’s the real reason why Tucker Carlson came to Moscow

Last night’s event was sensational, but what was the real motivation behind the Kremlin encounter?


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Nigel Farage suggests West should be open to negotiations with Putin

Nigel Farage has suggested that the West should be more open to negotiating with Vladimir Putin.


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VIDEO: John Mearsheimer’s Reaction to Hillary Clinton’s Latest Accusation…

In an interview on MSNBC, Clinton accused Tucker Carlson of being a “useful idiot” for interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mearsheimer responds in the accompanying clip.