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Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Lift Sanctions Against Russia Immediately!

Only a fool can’t see it: the sanctions against Russia only harm Russia marginally, but they threaten to permanently destroy entire key areas of industry and agriculture in Germany and all of Europe! Farmers in many countries are therefore taking to the streets with their tractors, supported by taxi and truck drivers, because they know that very soon we will not have enough to eat in Europe, either. Our life savings are being eaten up by inflation, which has also been exacerbated by the sanctions. The collapse into social chaos is imminent! And for developing countries, the sanctions mean starvation for hundreds of millions of people!


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Professor Jeffrey Sachs: “I Don’t Believe in Isolating Russia”

Jeffrey Sachs, a renowned Columbia University Professor of economics and former Special Advisor to three UN Secretaries-General, espouses views uncommon for the mainstream media in the West when it comes to the real origins of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Professor Sachs argues that peace negotiations in earnest should start immediately, proceeding from Ukraine’s neutrality and no NATO enlargement. He does not believe in isolating Russia, being convinced that Washington is undermining U.S. dollar worldwide prevalence by imposing sanctions on international payment systems. Finally, the famous academician and the author of many foreign affairs bestsellers maintains that the U.S. should respect the notion of a multipolar world with mutual respect for and observance of the UN Charter. Russian daily newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta reached out to Prof. Sachs, asking him to share some of his thoughts on the critical challenges that we are going through.