The Great Paradox

When in 2014 Ukraine started to bomb and shell civilians in the Donbas, hardly a murmur of protest was heard in the west. A few broadsheets carried subdued articles on the topic but in the main it was ignored until the tabloids raised it, not as a cry against Ukraine’s crime but as a protest at the Donbas for daring to fight back.

Little or no mention was made about the regime, which emerged from the coup that drove out Ukraine’s legal government, or the fact that the new regime tore up the Ukraine constitution and deprived the ethnic Russian population of Ukraine of its civil rights, outlawed its language and persecuted it under a deliberate and publicly stated policy of ethnic cleansing. Equally, very little attention was paid to the fact that Ukraine’s new government was rabidly right wing and glorified as its heroes men who had assisted the Nazis in WW2, men who had systematically murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews, Poles, Roma, and others designated as sub-human by the Nazi regime.

The fact that these latter day Nazis had set up a concentration camp in southern Ukraine and engaged in the systematic torture and murder of ethnic Russians, and had burned to death 48 people who opposed them in Odessa, was again only given the briefest mention in western news media. The final injustice of that period being the investigation of the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner, killing all on board, a crime that was immediately fixed upon the ethnic Russians and their supporters in the Russian Federation. The only evidence accepted was that submitted by the Ukraine Government, and the fact that the serial numbers of the missiles found in fragments contained in the wreckage of the aircraft clearly indicated that they were from Ukrainian stock was completely ignored.

The fact that the US government and NATO were arming and training the Ukraine army was also ignored by the western media. Instead a propaganda campaign was launched that vilified the ethnic Russians of Ukraine and the Russian Federation in equal measure. Events accelerated until the inevitable conflict erupted between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

In the west the only protests heard were directed against Russia and stage managed in western countries by Ukrainian activists. Even the demands for a cease-fire were backed by crowds carrying placards with anti-Russian slogans.

But protests that Ukraine should stop killing ethnic Russian civilians were non-existent. Instead the anti-Russian propaganda machine trotted out lies of Russians killing Ukraine citizens, raping women and children and generally acting in a barbaric manner. Even when the Ukrainian author of these lies, Lyudmila Denisova, was sacked by her own government because her allegations lacked any evidence and embarrassed Ukraine in front of foreign observers, the western news media still pushes them out.

That was the overall picture and remains the picture to this day. Ukraine kills civilians with impunity from international critics, it kills its own soldiers if they retreat, despite having sent them to fight poorly trained and poorly armed. It allows its security services to carry out terrorist activities in other countries, and to kill its own citizens without any legal process. It begs and borrows weapons and cash from other nations and then allows its corrupt officials to sell the weapons to international terrorist organisations and pocket the cash in their offshore bank accounts.

When the rest of the western world finally wakes up to the fraud Zelensky attempts to lie his it way out with ridiculous claims of imaginary victories against the Russians. But despite this the western news media and many western peace activists still seem unable to grasp the nettle and condemn the Ukraine government for what it is, a brutal, authoritarian, Nazi regime. They don’t understand that if Russia withdrew from the conflict what follows would be the worst genocide seen in Europe since the Second World War. Yet despite the fact that this regime and its neocon backers have wrecked the economy of Europe, increased poverty across the EU and UK and has encouraged the neocon politicians of Europe and the UK to introduce increasingly repressive legislation to curb the rights and freedom of speech of their citizens, these people still condemn Russia.

Compare this lack of action to the immediate reaction of the public to Israel’s horrific and illegal actions in Gaza – the difference is that the news media were too slow to repress truth from emerging and that the weight of world opinion, caught napping over Ukraine, was not willing to keep silent this time around.

There is a common theme running through all these conflicts whether it is Ukraine, Iran, Gaza, Taiwan, or Sudan, and that theme is US hegemony. The sooner that the people of the west wake up to this the better, before they are dragged into a third world war by these psychopathic neocon warmongers and the kleptomanic and obscenely rich individuals who egg them on.

The cold hard statistics speak of the barbarity of both Israel and Ukraine

Civilian casualties (as at 25th January 2024)

Gaza Donbas Ukraine Israel Russia
Dead 25000 19500 646** 814*** 69
Missing 19400* 14390* 111** 134 0
Wounded 65,000 48,000 2420** 1609**** 298

* large numbers of missing are believed to be buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings

** The vast majority of Ukraine’s civilian casualties have been caused by their own air defence
missiles falling back onto their own people. The 436 foreign mercenaries and NATO officers killed
in these incidents are not included in the figures as they are not civilians.

*** The balance of the 1200 fatalities were in fact Israeli military personnel killed in fire-fights with
Hamas troops. Of the 814 civilian casualties at least 200 were killed by the indiscriminate fire of
Israeli tanks and helicopter Gunships.

**** An unknown number of these casualties were wounded by Israeli army helicopter gunships
and tank fire.