The Passing of the $95 Billion Aid Package

What difference will the passing of the enormous $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel make? A very great deal But none of it in the way expected and predicted.

Far from guaranteeing the survival of Ukraine, Taiwan and probably Israel too, the aid will lock all three governments on to suicide courses that will guarantee their extermination.

The corrupt catastrophic Zelenskyy regime that has brought nothing but death, misery, ruin and despair on the suffering people of Ukraine will not be saved by the $61 billion supposedly guaranteed for it.

Most of that money will simply flow directly to the dinosaur gigantic US defense contractors and their bewildering maze of tiny, incompetent, disorganized underperforming contractors, subcontractors and sub-subcontractors. The Russian Army will have long since occupied Kiev and be racing to the Polish border – and beyond – before any of that supposedly significant aid starts to flow.

In the Middle East, the aid package will just serve to give another fraudulent lease of quasi-life to the zombie government of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, which was directly responsible for the worst anti-Jewish pogrom since World War II, the murder of at least 1,400 Israelis in their own country in the maas incursion and massacre of October 7 last year.

Now, this aid package will enable Netanyahu and his inept generals to continue their futile slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza without of course actually managing to bring Hamas forces to account that they have been doggedly, miserably and ineffectually bogged down in it ever since.

Third, the aid package dooms Taiwan to an eventual harsh take over by the Peoples’ Republic of China because it locks the Taipei regime further into its suicidal course of defying Beijing rather than coming to humane and sensible terms with it.

Worse yet are the direct effects that the aid package will have on the American people themselves.

First, these are $95 billion more phantom dollars that are not going to go to the genuine and urgently needed priorities of securing the US land border with Mexico, fighting and rolling back the fentanyl pandemic that takes 100,000 American lives, most of them young ones, every year.

That is $95 billion, not for the people of Ukraine but for the Deep State corrupt gangs, circles and intrigues who serve the real Ukrainian people up as cannon fodder to be slaughtered for their own geopolitical fantasies and dreams.

It is $95 billion less to rebuild the shattered agriculture and industrial infrastructure of the United States. It is $95 billion less to invest in US hypersonic missiles, exotic elements created in cyclotrons as nuclear and space vehicle fuels and revived domestic energy.

And where are all those millions of “good-paying UNION jobs” that President Joe Biden endlessly promised from his Green Energy Revolution? And that Vice President Kamala Harris, oblivious to the devastation surrounding her even in for-so-long-prosperous California – on every side? 

They are nowhere to be found. They don’t exist. They never have, They never will. 

The Green Energy Revolution is a fantasy. A dream. A will o’ the wisp enticing hundreds of millions of cretins, like lemmings to their peronsal, economic and national suicide.

And the great $95 billion aid package to Our Gallant Allies is a fantasy too? It will lock them further into suicidal mad gallops into their astounding self-destructions. And it will lock us further on the course to the collapse of our currency, our economy and our entire society too.

To paraphrase Groucho Marx: Who are Ya Gonna Believe? Joe Biden and the US Media? Or Your Own Eyes?