The Relevance of Containment for Dealing with Russia

The Institute for Peace & Diplomacy will host a panel webinar reassessing the utility of containment in managing relations with Russia on April 4, 2024.

Russia’s belligerent foreign policy conduct since 2022 has compelled the Western countries to rethink foreign policy. The webinar seeks to uncover whether containment policy, which guided the Western countries successfully during the Cold War, is appropriate for dealing with Russia today. It does so through a discussion of the effectiveness of four sub-elements of containment:

  1. The military approach both for NATO and for arming non-allies like Ukraine;
  2. The sanctions approach in terms of denying Russia access to Western technology and markets;
  3. The diplomatic approach toward Russia and the non-aligned ‘Global South’ countries;
  4. The resilience approach in terms of limiting the impact of Russian influence campaign on Western politics and public opinion.

👥 Panelists:

  • Stefanie Babst: Former Deputy Assistant Secretary General, NATO; Senior Associate Fellow, European Leadership Network
  • Michael Kimmage: Professor, Catholic University of America; Senior Associate, Center for Strategic & International Studies
  • Nicolai Petro: Senior Washington Fellow, Institute for Peace & Diplomacy; Professor, University of Rhode Island
  • Andrew Latham: Senior Fellow, Institute for Peace & Diplomacy; Professor, Macalester College

🎙️ Moderator:

  • Henrik Larsen: Research Fellow, Institute for Peace & Diplomacy