LAURA INGRAHAM: No matter how much we give to Ukraine, it’s never enough

In the main result, utter devastation from a war that never would have happened if we had a real president, Laura Ingraham says

Fox News host Laura Ingraham highlighted that no matter how long and how much America continues to fund Ukraine, President Zelenskyy continues to ask for more on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Well, it turns out that Biden is raiding our stockpiles of emergency munitions in order to prop up Ukraine. Now, this is reckless and it’s wrong. These stockpiles are for true emergencies, not for satisfying the demands of war that Congress never even authorized. Germany’s chancellor seems acutely aware of endangering his own country’s security by getting more deeply involved in Ukraine. 


Eventually, the voters will have their say here. Who really wants another endless war that we have to disproportionately fund as a country. And who are the Americans who want us to be on the hook for Ukrainian reconstruction costs? Which, you know, are going to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, at least hundreds of billions of dollars, maybe even a trillion. No one I know supports any of this. 

As our homeland is being overrun by illegals, our energy independence destroyed by Biden and the greeniacs and our family budgets devoured by inflation, this administration is once again pledging more money for Ukraine. Just today, we learned that the US is expected to announce one of its largest military aid packages for Ukraine in the coming days. 

In this photo provided by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Office, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, looks on as he meets soldiers at the site of the heaviest battles with the Russian invaders in Bakhmut, Ukraine, Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022.  (Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP)

Now, this new commitment would come just weeks after the Pentagon had just announced the largest security package to date. That was totaling more than a billion and included a shipment of Bradley Infantry fighting vehicles, otherwise known as tank killers and just as we began training the Ukrainians as well on U.S. soil on how to operate our expensive and complex Patriot missile systems. But it seems that no matter how much we give, no matter how much Americans sacrifice for Ukraine, it’s never enough.